Year of Awakening!

Awaken to the Miracle Who is You!  
A Year long Coaching/Mentoring Program!

Are you still searching?  Do you know there is more to life than what you see in front of you and want to know more?  Do you want to enjoy life but sometimes feel like outside influences get in the way of your happiness and you want to take control of your life back?

The Year of Awakening is about taking life to the next level and awakening to who you really are.  Expanding consciousness.  It’s about being able to live life ‘in the flow’ and deal with the ups and downs in an easy way and be a conscious creator of your reality.   Realizing that you are evolving.  You are a soul in a human body (not the other way around) and you are connected to all that is.

weekly reflection pic as we grow up lose passionWhen we are born we are filled with love and acceptance of ourselves and of others and then something happens.  We are programmed to think a certain way. We’re taught we are separate.  Labels are attached to us.  Fear, overwhelm and self doubt become the norm.

AND we know that’s all a lie. Everything that happens to us, is for us.  Those situations and people are here to help us awaken to who we really are.  Our whole life is an awakening process. And when we can recognize that, we can look at those situations differently.  With different lenses, a different perspective.

I want to give participants a VERY DIFFERENT perspective which is the reason wserge-pichy I’ve partnered with Kris (an Essence, channeled by Serge Grandbois) on this year long journey.   Serge (click pic on right for Serge’s bio) has been channeling Kris for close to 35 years.  Kris is what you would call an Essence, Personality Matrix, non physical being, here to assist others in their journey towards an enlightened life.

There are so many self help books, teachers, spiritual masters, all sharing pretty much the same message, just in a different way.  Some will resonate, some won’t.   My hope is to take those esoteric messages that we all know and believe to an extent that we can understand with our logical mind, and present them in a way we can apply them to our daily lives.


Listen to Kris as not only talks about who ‘he’ is, but goes on to share who we really are.

So why a year?  Seems like a long time and huge commitment!  Well you’re right, it is. For all of us.  And…aren’t we worth it?  I decided to make this program a year because I want to help you make real, lasting change and create a community of support.  It’s not unusual during shorter, more intense programs, to learn a few things, be inspired while enrolled, and then when it’s over, go back to the way things were.  I don’t want that!

Over the period of a year, you have the opportunity to practice and embed the knowledge you learn.  Each month can focus on a specific topic so that new habits can be formed.  You will become more mindful, connected and clear about who you are and why you are here.   Sharing real life challenges and learning how to apply the tools, techniques and strategies is invaluable.

Aspects of the program

  • 2 experts in their field (Kris and Bari)
  • 12 monthly themes (i.e Clarity, Health, Finances, Relationships, Beliefs etc..)
  • 12 Video lessons and meditations
  • 24 coaching calls (2 PER MONTH – recorded in case you miss it!)
  • Unlimited support through the PRIVATE FACEBOOK page
  • Exercises to practice and embed knowledge/teachings
  • Optional mastermind framework provided

COST (Canadian funds) – $797 ($900.61 incl HST) paid in full  (YES!  I know…crazy inexpensive for the value.  Why so little?  Because it’s the first year for this program and there will be kinks to get out. And, I want to make it affordable to as many as possible.  I don’t want money to be your excuse for not being part of this.  So much so, I’m even offering a monthly payment option…see below).

And, the monthly option:

Year of Awakenings Monthly Gift to Myself
You can be billed up to $84.75 CAD (includes tax)
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So…what’s holding you back?  Check in.  Fear?  Fear you’ll change. Fear your life will change?  Maybe you’ll lose people close to you.  Maybe you’re scared of the power you know that is deep inside.  Sit with it.  No judgement.  Just sit with it.  AND now remind yourself, everything that happens to you is for you.  You are awakening to the real you. What’s it going to take?  Is 2017 your year?

Need more info?  Kris and I spent an hour together chatting about what I think keeps people stuck.  I came up with 5 keys that unlocking the door to a life with purpose, love and joy, and asked Kris what ‘he’ thought.  Check it out here: