Today’s Affirmation – “My opinion matters and I make sure it’s kind”

My opinion mattersToday I invite you to reflect on the Bryon Katie quote “The only way I can be angry at you is when I have thought, said, or done something that is unkind in my own opinion.”

This is one of those quotes for me I had to read and re-read.  Looking at how and where it shows up in my life I started to notice when someone made me angry and I’d ask myself if the story I was telling myself was, in ‘my opinion’ kind??  You know what…it wasn’t.

Because when I’m mad, angry, frustrated…whatever, at someone else, it really only affects me.  The person I’m angry with might not even know it.  I stew…and they live their life as if nothing happened.

Today, I invite you to join me in affirming “my opinion matters and I make sure it’s kind” and let’s start noticing if that is the case.


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