Today’s Affirmation – “When I Let Go, I Let In”

Ever notice that?  When you can really let go, release the need to control, things work out.  Solutions just seem to have a way of showing up.

We’re human and we have this powerful brain that we only use about 5% of.  There’s often a belief that we’re suppose to use it in a specific ‘intellectual way’ to make things happen.   And it doesn’t mean that we stop doing that, but what if we were able to expand the 5% we use and use our brain in a different way?  An easier way.  An even more productive, successful way of making things happen.

Today, I invite you to affirm “when I let go, I let in” and try it.  Really let something go that you’ve been holding on to trying to figure out.  Something you’ve been stressed about and can’t figure out how to fix.  Write it down.  Write down what it is that you want or need to figure out and then ‘let it go’.  Actually say in your mind…let it go.  Your sub conscious mind will do the work for you and you don’t even have to try.  When you let it go, you open up, you ‘let in’, the ideas, people, situations and circumstances that will show up with the answer, the solutions…and you won’t know how or why.

Please feel free to share your experiences with me!


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