Today’s Affirmation – “The Words I Say to Myself are What Matter”

What do you say to yourself when someone else puts you down?  Do you pick their words up and beat yourself with them?  Or you do listen, take from their message something helpful and toss the rest out?

When the words of others ‘wound’, there is a great opportunity for self reflection.  What is it about what they’ve said that hurts?  When we can get past the hurt, and go into the deeper meaning of what is going on, we can learn so much and open the door to a bigger, better version of ourselves.

Today, I invite you to affirm with me “the words I say to myself are what matter” and let’s start noticing what those words are.

Today’s affirmation is dedicated to all of the service men and woman who lost their lives (as well as those who were lucky enough to come home) for their country.  May we all remember.

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