Today’s Affirmation – “I Take Time to Forgive Myself and Others”

good people make mistakes too

Do you take time to forgive yourself  for ‘mis’takes you may have made?  How are you with forgiving others?  Is there anyone you are still holding a grudge with?
Sometimes we don’t even realize we are holding a grudge until something happens and we feel left over ‘yuckiness’. And, what I know is that left over yuckiness is only hurting ourselves, not the person we’re upset with.
Today, I invite you to join me in realizing that we, and everyone around us is human.  Human’s make mistakes and as the quote in the picture says, it doesn’t make them bad.  I also want to add that holding a grudge doesn’t make you bad either.  The yucky feeling may be attached to feeling bad that you still hold a grudge.
I love how Abraham Hicks talks about this topic as it being a signal that you are depriving yourself of what you really want.  It is an excuse to not allow our self the emotional manifestation of being who we are.  Ii have to say that again.  It’s an excuse to NOT ALLOW our self the emotional manifestation of BEING WHO WE ARE.
Here’s a great video of Abraham explaining this and how it is that we are depriving ourselves of our own inner being. “When you feel negative emotion, that’s a manifestation that’s indicating your deprivation of the thing that matters to you most, which is your alignment and your allowing of the source to be present here and now.”

Will you join me in affirming “I take time to forgive myself and others” and then let’s do that.  Whoever or whatever you’re still holding ‘yuckiness’ for, be open to forgiving them and forgiving yourself.  And let’s embrace any uncomfortable feelings that might still be left over, reminding ourselves to align with who we really are!
Have a forgiving day!
In gratitude…from my heart to yours.

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