Today’s Affirmation – “I step forward with confidence and ease”

Ah yes…I step forward with confidence and ease.  How wonderful that sounds if we could always do this right?   And that’s why this affirmation is so important.
If you’re going through something where you are not feeling very confident, or easy, you’re probably hearing yourself say things like “this is hard, I don’t know if I can do it, will this ever end”….fill in the blank.  This is normal.  This is how our brain protects us.

We’ve been programmed since we were little kids to believe life is hard, we can’t do it, we’re not worthy.  Listening to the speakers from the movie The Abundance Factor, I realized that up to the age of 7 we are basically hypnotized.  This is why we think and feel the way we do in this unconscious way.  So what we need to do is bring it to the surface.   Bring the unconscious, conscious so we investigate our thoughts.  Keep the ones that work, and reprogram the ones that don’t. With affirmations like today’s, it’s about creating new neuropathways in our brain.  It’s like building new roads, new pathways of thoughts.

So, what I do know is that the more and more I affirm this, and the more and more I take baby steps to actually do it (step forward), it slowly builds the confidence I have and I know ease is just around the corner.  It’s like breathing.  I know I’m doing it but sometimes I need to do it slower and more consciously and really feel it.

I invite you with whatever struggle you’re currently going through, to join me today and affirm that “I step forward with confidence and ease”.  Be kind to yourself and take baby steps to make it happen.

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