Today’s Affirmation – “I Silently Observe and Release all Judgments”

silently viewHave you ever been able to do that?  Silently observe and release all judgments over something?  Whether it’s judging ourselves or judging someone else, I’d imagine we’ve all spent time judging.

Let’s start with judging others.  Think of someone who you are really upset or angry with and notice what you tell yourself about what they should or shouldn’t do.  How do you feel?

Now take that same situation and see if you can separate yourself from it.  See if you can silently observe it and release all judgments.  Just try it.  Same situation and no judgement. What was that like?  Could you get there?

Now let’s try it with a situation where you’ve been judging yourself.  Are you mad at yourself for something?  Still beating yourself up?  Try this experiment again, and this time, silently observe and release the judgment of yourself.  Can you get there?

Today, I invite you to go to a quiet place and affirm that you silently observe and release all judgments.  Close your eyes and silently ‘rise’ above yourself.  Look down and visualize the situation you find yourself judging and become the noticer.  Just notice what you think, what you do and just be.  No judgment.  Take some time and see what happens.  See how easily in the future you can move into that role and become kinder, more loving and accepting of yourself!

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