Today’s Affirmation – “I Show Myself Love by Knowing I’ve Done My Best as a Parent”

To all the parents out there…do you believe this, that you’ve done the best you can as a parent?  Or do you find yourself feeling guilty or beating yourself up over something you’ve said or done to your kids?  Are you worried about how they’ll turn out?

This is another great area and opportunity to show ourselves love.  As a parent there can be so much pressure put on us.  Here is this human being we’ve brought into the world who we want to be happy and survive without us.  And when they don’t do what we want them to, or act as we believe they should, we get frustrated, angry or sad, often blaming ourselves for how they are.

When my son graduated university and moved back home, my husband and I didn’t share the same opinion about how long he should stay.   He wanted him to stay as long as he wanted, and I wanted him to move out.  I became really stressed the longer he stayed.  I finally figured out what was wrong.  I thought that because he wasn’t out there starting his life with his own place and a job, then I did something wrong as a parent.

Once I realized that, I calmed down. I let go of needing him to move out.  I relaxed.  And within about 2 months my son got a job and moved to the city!

I invite you to join me in affirming “I show myself love by knowing I’ve done my best as a parent” and let’s look for ways to be kind to yourself and know that your children are, and will be just as they are suppose to be in this life.



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