Today’s Affirmation – “I Notice and Easily and Effortlessly Release the Thoughts that Don’t Serve Me”

What do you do with the thoughts that don’t serve you?  Are you able to recognize them?  Maybe you recognize them but can’t seem to do anything about them.  They race around in your head and you can’t seem to release them.  I know, it can be hard.  It’s happening to me right now.  Over the last few weeks though, it’s gotten easier by using the tools I share here, and having seeking some outside support (the wonderful Jessy Morrison).

The first step is noticing.  You need to notice, and recognize the thoughts that cause you pain and stress or you can’t do anything about it.  Become the ‘noticer’.   As the ‘noticer’, picture yourself in your mind sitting in a chair with a bubble over your head with the stressful thoughts.  As the noticer,  you view yourself having these thoughts and have compassion for the person (you) sitting there.  And know that you have a choice as to what thoughts you allow to stay in your head.  I noticed I was believing something about myself that wasn’t true.

Next , remind yourself that you are not your thoughts.  It’s the stories we wrap around our thoughts that cause us pain.  So if the story causes us pain then let’s look for better feeling stories.  As the noticer, create a better feeling story to replace the old thought.  I started to show myself compassion and found a different story about what was happening that made more sense and made me feel better.  Also, asking  “if this isn’t what I want, then what do I want” really helps me find that better feeling story.

And something Jessy reminded me to ask me was “is this mine”?  Ask yourself if you are taking on other people’s feelings.  Maybe “it’s” not even yours.  If you are an empath, like I am, this may be exactly what’s happening.

Today, I invite you to join me in affirming “I notice and easily and effortlessly release the thoughts that don’t serve me” and let’s do exactly that!

Happy Tuesday, have a great day!

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