Today’s Affirmation – “I Enjoy Living in the Now and ‘Remember’ an Awesome Future ”

Where do you spend your days?  Do you find yourself lamenting over the past or worrying about the future?   Is your ‘now’ currently overwhelming with a whole list of things you need to do?

First, breath.  Slowly in and out through your nose.  When we are stressed our body produces more cortisol than is healthy.  When we breath and breath deeply and slowly, it helps to activate the body’s relaxation response so the body’s functions can return to normal.

Next, create the vision of what you want as if it’s already happened.  It’s a technique to change your cellular memory.  You start off by saying “I remember when” … and then fill in the blank with a juicy description of what you’d like to have happen.  Really feel it in your body as if it’s already happened.

Will you join me and affirm “I enjoy living in the now and remember an awesome future”?  And let’s start doing exactly that so we don’t miss out on what’s happening right in front of us and create a future we want to remember.

Have a joyful day!


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