Today’s Affirmation – “I listen to my heart as it has my best interest in mind!”

When you need to make a decision what do you listen to, your heart or your head?  Your head, your ego, your ‘monkey’ mind will have all the logical reasons why you should do or not do something.  And isn’t that the one we were taught to listen to?  It’s not our parents fault, they were taught the same thing.

Now not everyone grew up this way.  Some people grew up being taught to listen to their heart, their soul, their intuition.   And they were taught that listening to your heart is aligned with your truth.  It’s the voice of your soul and guides you to make the decision, best for you.  I’ve heard it another way too.  If the decision is being made out of fear, it’s not your soul talking.

This is a hard one for some.  I’m not trying to convince you of anything with this one, but invite you to try it out.  If this scares you, start small.  Small decisions that won’t throw you into anxiety.  I invite you to join me in affirming “I listen to my heart as it has my best interest in mind” and let’s close our eyes and ask our heart what it wants us to do.

Have a heartfelt day!

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