Today’s Affirmation – “I give myself permission to THINK about and FEEL, what I want”

Do you believe you create your future?  If you do, then you may also know the best way to do this is not only thinking about what you want, but feeling it as well.

It’s the feeling part that creates the vibration out and attracts that which is like itself.   This is why affirmations sometimes don’t work.

So what do you do when this happens?  Let’s look at an example around money since that one seems to be one everyone can relate to.  Let’s say the affirmation is “I am financially abundant“.  If right now you are seriously in debt and don’t have a penny to your name, when you say this affirmation you probably aren’t going to feel very good.  In this case, you will want to change the affirmation to something that does make you feel good.  Maybe something like “I am getting better at managing my finances” or “My financial situation is moving in the right direction”.

It’s important to notice when you are feeling stressed and worried about money.  The energy you are sending out is one of lack, and that is what will come back.  In this case, using gratitude is the quickest way to change our energy.  Being grateful for the money you do have, for the home you live in, the bed you sleep in, the family or friends in your life.  Being grateful and feeling that gratitude deep within will send the right energy out and attract more of that back in.

Today, I invite you to join me in affirming “I give myself permission to THINK about and FEEL, what I want” and let’s be like NIKE and JUST DO IT!   Take some time today to think and feel what your ideal life looks and feels like.  For me, writing it down really helps and then I can pick it up every once in awhile and when I read what I wrote, it brings back the vibration I’m looking for.


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