Today’s Affirmation – “I Follow My Heart and Good Things Happen!”

Do you live in your head or your heart?  We’re human, so we’re used to thinking about everything.   And when we live there, it can become very complicated.  All that analyzing, contemplating, ‘suppose to’s’ and ‘should’s are all about living in our head.

Try an experiment for one day. As you go about your day, when you are faced with a decision, stop, close your eyes and visualize asking your heart the question.  See what the first answer that pops into your head is. That’ll be your heart answering back.

Today I invite you to affirm “I Follow My Heart and Good Things Happen!”.  Try it…follow your heart.  Let me know how it goes and what an amazing day you had!

Today’s affirmation is dedicated to my sweet husband Kenny on his 51st birthday!  I love you and thank you for capturing my heart!


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