Today’s Affirmation – “I Feel Powerful When I Make Decisions and Own Them!”

February 5th Affirmation 2How do you feel after you make a decision?  Do you ever find yourself beating yourself up or regretting the decisions you’ve made?  Big decisions (leaving your job) or small decisions (having extra cookies after dinner) can have the same effect on our bodies if we find ourselves regretting the decisions we make.

That kind of stress produces cortisol and when produced in excessive quantities it can have a negative effect on the body such as weak bones and muscles, cell degeneration, digestion & metabolism problems which can result in weight gain.

When we own the decisions we make, when we accept where we are, what we have and how we got here (our decisions) it can be freeing, calming and healthier for us!

Today, I invite you to affirm “I feel powerful when I make decisions and own them”. Notice when you beat yourself up over something you’ve decided and remember today’s affirmation.  Big hugs for a great day!

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