Today’s Affirmation – “I embrace and love all that I am”

Do you worry about what others think about you?  Today’s affirmation is to remind you that the person who matters most is you.  And as opposed to being worried about someone else speaking badly of you, it’s you speaking badly about you to be concerned about.

I say that and I can hear a reaction from some of you because I’ve said it myself… “I know I matter AND I still worry what other people think”.   So, how do we make the shift and stop worrying what others think?

Here’s what I’d like to suggest.  Don’t focus on what others think, let’s focus on yourself (stay in your own business).  Let me give you an example around the theme about wanting to be liked (by our in laws, children, step children etc…).  In this example, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you stay in your business:

  • do I like me?
  • do I like me when I’m with them (in laws, my kids, step kids etc…)
  • do I like them?
  • what can I do to make our relationship stronger?
  • how can I be myself with them?
  • when I’m with them, how can I be more present?

Today, will you join me and affirm “I embrace and love all that I am” and let’s spend some time doing exactly that.  Once we do, we won’t care what others think, and if someone did actually speak badly about you, not only would no one else believe it, you wouldn’t either!

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