Today’s Affirmation – “I dream and hold them in my heart where they grow”

April 10 I dreamDo you allow yourself to dream?  Or do you tell yourself you’re too old, have too much to do, or believe your dreams won’t come true?

So let’s start small and begin with what makes us happy.   Sometimes we don’t know what that is, so it helps when we also think about what makes us unhappy.  Grab a piece of paper and make two columns.  Label one column “Things that make me happy” and the other column “Things that make me unhappy”.  Now, just allow yourself to write whatever comes to mind and put the thought in whichever column it fits.  To connect to my heart, it helps if I close my eyes.  Write until nothing else comes.

Then put the list away and let your subconscious mind continue to build on what you’ve come up with so far.  And it will.  As you go about your day, your subconscious will find things to add.  You’ll catch yourself saying ‘oh, this doesn’t make me happy’.  Write it down.  And if you can, flip that around and ask yourself if this doesn’t make me happy what would.  And then write that down under the ‘things that make me happy’ column.

So today, I invite you to start the process of dreaming and join me in affirming “I dream and hold them in my heart where they grow”.  Let’s begin that dreaming process by figuring out what makes us happy!

Have a dreamy day!


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