Today’s Affirmation – “I create a vision of what I want and what I want wants me”

April 12 I create a visionDo you know what you want?  A couple days ago I suggested an exercise of creating a list of what makes you happy (and unhappy).  Today’s affirmation is intended to build on that and have us focus on ‘what we want’ or what makes us happy, rather than what we don’t want.

“I create a vision of what I want and what I want wants me”.  What I want wants me.  What?  Yes, what you want wants you.  This is the law of attraction that I’ve talked about many times.  And we need to focus on what we want, and really create that vision so that we can feel it in our body as if it’s already happened.  That’s the key.  It’s not about saying it, it’s about BELIEVING it.  When we believe it, we FEEL it and that’s the energy that goes out into the world to bring us more of what we want.  Make sense?

When you look at the what makes you happy list and find yourself in the space of not believing it’s possible, ask yourself what can you believe.   For example, if what makes you happy is having tons of money in the bank, but instead, you are feeling unhappy because you have so much debt and you just can’t believe that you’ll ever have lots of money in the bank, then what can you believe?

Maybe for now, it’s that you at least have enough money to pay your bills.  Does that make you feel better than saying you’re rich?  The most important thing is to create a better feeling story than what you are feeling today.

Today, I invite you to affirm “I create a vision of what I want and what I want wants me” and start doing exactly that.  As you go about your day, when you start feeling stressed about something, ask yourself what would make you happy.  Begin to create the vision in your mind of what that would feel like, taste like, sound like.  Slowly, things will start to change and what you want, will show up…because I know, it truly does want you.

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