Today’s Affirmation – “I break through fear and build my confidence along the way”

Do you know how to break through fear and build confidence?  One step at a time.

Here’s an interesting way to look at it.  On a piece of paper draw a circle about as big as a dime.  Then, around that circle draw another one about as big as a quarter.

If you were to rate your life today between 0-10, 0 being not enjoyable at all, to a 10 being the best, most passionate, fulfilling life you could ever lead, that first little circle is your current state (whatever number you came up with).  The outer circle represents your life at a level 10.

To get to the edge of the little circle, you would have done things that scared you and made you uncomfortable.  When you break through your fear and do things that are uncomfortable, you build confidence along the way and that little circle expands out and gets bigger.

I invite you to join me and affirm “I break through fear and build my confidence along the way” and let’s start asking ourselves what we’re afraid to do, that will move us from where we are today, to that level 10 life.   The more we do this, the more confident and self assured we start to feel and closer to that on fire, passionate life we’ll lead.

Have a confident day!


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