Today’s Affirmation – “I Am Worthy, Wonderful and Wise”

Self worth…where does it come from?  When we’re born, it’s innate.  It’s just in us.  We are born with it.  Then as we grow up, and parents, relatives, friends, strangers send us messages through their actions and their words that either affirm that self worth or break it down.

Why is that?  What is it, that causes us to start to disbelieve our self worth??  And I’m not talking about putting blame on others.  I’m talking about why we do it to ourselves.  Why we chose to believe we’re not worthy.

Some would say (and I currently believe) that before we come into this world we chose the lessons we want to learn.  The people in our lives, family, friends, co-workers, are all here to help us learn those lessons in some way.

If you have an emotional reaction to today’s affirmation, maybe you’re like me and self love is what you’re here to learn about.  I invite you to remind yourself and affirm “I am worthy, wonderful and wise.”



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