Today’s Affirmation – “Life is an echo and I choose to love everything that comes back!”

life is an echoI guess the first question is, do you believe ‘What you send out, comes back, what you sow you reap, what you give you get…’ etc…?  This is what the law of attraction is all about.

Assuming you do, how do you feel about the “what you see in others exists in you” part of the Zig Ziglar quote attached?

And where I want to go with today’s affirmation is to invite you to actually enjoy those feelings and actions coming back at you where you may not have in the past.

Let me share a personal example.  A little while back anger was being reflected back at me.  Friends, family, work colleagues.  When I finally noticed the pattern I asked myself what I was angry about.  I didn’t see myself as an angry person so when I noticed it being reflected back at me, it gave me an opportunity to actually start to notice when and at who I was angry at.  And I found it. Boy did I find it!  I was angry at so many people and situations, and had buried it so deep, it created a problem with my jaw (tmj).  If you look up jaw problems in Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body, it says “Anger. Resentment.  Desire for revenge.”

And, the thing is, it’s really not other people and situations I’m angry at.  In the end, it always come back to me being angry at me, in some way. Sometimes I figure it out, sometimes I don’t.  Just acknowledging the emotion and embracing it, allows for it to move through me.  What we resist persists.  And if we don’t know about, we’re really resisting it!
I invite you to join me in affirming “Life is an echo and I choose to love everything that comes back!” and when something comes back to you that you don’t love, use it as an opportunity to heal yourself.

Have a wonderful day!


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