Today’s Affirmation – “I Am Free to Be Me!”

What does ‘free to be me’ mean to you?  How many masks do you wear in a day? It’s interesting when we ask ourselves this and then start to notice what they are.

It can be very subtle.  It can start as a thought like “I just had surgery, I’m suppose to be sad, or in pain, tired, be taken care of”.  And then it’s what happens next where the decision of wearing a mask happens.  It’s stopping and asking yourself in each moment, how do I really feel?  Do I need this mask or can I pull it off and just be me?

Today, I invite you to join me in being wild, silly, happy, YOURSELF!  Let’s affirm “I am free to be me!” and take the plunge and see how it feels.  It can be so freeing and so much less work!

Happy “you” day!

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