Today’s Affirmation – “I am all that I need to be and confidence exudes out of me!”

Do you feel that way?  That you are all you need to be?  It’s really easy to focus on everything we’re not and compare ourselves to others.

I have a couple signals that tell me when I’m doing that to myself.  One is when I hear the word “I should.”  I should go and dig up the extra flowers my sister offered me and replant them in our garden before my mother in law gets home for her. I should be a better gardener.  I should enjoy it.  And, the fact is I don’t!  I love looking at the flowers, but to me, if I didn’t have anything to do with taking care of them, I’d be in heaven!

The second signal is jealousy.  Someone has something I want and as opposed to feeling happy for them, I feel bad about me.  Being able to notice when I’m in this space allows me to stop and show myself compassion.  It also gives me the opportunity to appreciate those who have the skills I don’t (like my sister!) and admire the people who are following their dreams and making things happen.  As one of my mentors would say “and that’s for me!”

We are all unique and special.  We all have gifts to share with the world and today I invite you to affirm with me “I am all that I need to be and confidence exudes out of me” and let’s start noticing what’s holding us back from that so we can shift into what will propel us forward!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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