Today’s Affirmation – “Everything that Happens is in My Best Interest”

bad things good reasons“Even though bad things happen, sometimes bad things happen for good reasons.”  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like that.  And I find, the quicker I allow myself to feel and believe it, the easier it is to recognize the good coming out of what feels so bad.

What I also know is that just because I may believe that everything that happens is in my best interest, it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  It means it’s still OK to feel what I’m feeling, embrace my fears, sadness, confusion, anger and allow it to move through me.

I invite you to join me today and affirm “everything that happens is in my best interest” and let’s use this knowledge to help to release the need to fix, change or lament over whatever is going on, and to just open up to what is. Sending love and healing energy to those in pain right now.


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