Today’s Affirmation – “Everything I Need To Be is Inside Of Me”

I amDo you believe that everything you need is inside of you?  If you need to be strong, can you find it?  If you’re not feeling beautiful, can you find your beauty?  If you are scared, can you find the super hero in yourself?

I believe that everything we need is inside us, all we have to do is find it.  Sometimes some things are just harder to find than others.  They’ve been buried over time, been replaced with other people’s strength, beauty, fearlessness.  We look outside ourselves for what we need, when the whole time it’s inside us.

What can also happen is we take the messages of thinking positive too far, or take them in a way that doesn’t serve us. When we notice we need to treat ourselves better, we focus on telling ourselves to be strong, beautiful, fearless, wise, lover and can laugh.

The thing is, self love also means being OK with, and loving & supporting those parts of us that are WEAK, FLAWED, SCARED, MAKE MISTAKES, HATE AND FEEL SAD.

Today, I invite you to join me in affirming “everything I need to be is inside of me”.  Let’s notice as we go about our day when our focus is on someone or something outside our self to fill us up or make us whole.  When we hear the words or feel the feeling that I need them to appreciate me or need them to support me, let’s know that those qualities are inside of us.  In these time, I invite you to ask yourself where you can show yourself more appreciation, more support.  Notice what happens.  Have a wonderful day!

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