Today’s Affirmation – “Simplicity is the Key. I Feel My Way and Follow what Feels Good.”

follow your pathSounds simple and yet, not so simple.  Our head seems to get in the way of what feels good and gives us all the reasons why we can’t have what we want.

Today’s affirmation relates to a blog post I wrote December 2016 about the contraction I was going through at the time and my contemplation of getting a job.

I realized when I left my government job it wasn’t because I wanted and was passionate about being an entrepreneur. What made me feel good was the lifestyle I’ve created (do what I want, when I want, spend time with family & friends, do what I love) and stop commuting 3 1/2 hours a day. The thing is, I love coaching and doing retreats, but am not reaching enough people to make me feel good or have it be a viable business.

I also don’t like working hard doing the activities you’re ‘suppose’ to do as an entrepreneur like networking, selling, filling workshops and finding clients. So I thought OK, if I keep it simply and could do what I love and not have to sell or find clients what would I do? I would work for someone else who has clients right in their own back yard (i.e companies with employees or companies who need my skills and expertise to bring to their clients) and who would benefit from my creativity, passion, organizational, leadership and coaching skills.

So I decided to start ‘feeling’ my way to a job where I can be of value and help more people and it worked!  A few months after that blog post I became the Human Resource Manager of Taboo Muskoka. I made my own path and am my own hero by listening to my heart and ignoring the doubters.

Today, I invite you to join me and affirm “simplicity is the key.  I feel my way and follow what feels good” and do just that.  Start noticing when you feel good.  When you don’t, then think of something that makes you feel good.  Continue in that direction, brush off the self doubt, be your own hero and give yourself permission to do what feels good!

Have a heroic day!  Make your path, be your own hero!

p.s if you, or someone you know is looking for a fun summer job, creating happiness for others, Taboo Muskoka has a job for you!  Whether it’s out in front in a job like Recreation Attendant, Server or Front Desk Agent, or behind the scenes feeding your passion for cooking in the kitchen, or in nature cutting grass on the golf course, there’s a job for you.  Send resumes directly to me at or stop by our Taboo job fair Wednesday February 20th from 4:00pm – 6:00pm (1209 Muskoka Beach Road, Gravenhurst ON), meet the staff!

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