Today’s Affirmation – “My Goals in Life Are Clear”

clear a pathAre you clear about your goals?  What is it that you want to create this year and are you going after it?  Think of all the different areas of your life; health, relationships, career, finances, spiritual, your environment (where you live and work).  What do you want in all of those areas?

Today, I invite you to join me in affirming “my goals in life are clear”.  Lets reflect on what those goals just might be.  Start with what is most important to you and what you’d like to accomplish.  By writing these goals down, and putting your attention on them, you’ll identify appropriate actions to move you closer to each one.  Then let go.  Be open to what shows up and use those times of ‘contraction’ as opportunities to continue to get clearer and clearer.

May this year be your best year, your happiest, most passionate year yet!


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