Today’s Affirmation – “I Take Care of my Body and my Body Takes Care of Me”

Do you take care of your body?  And I’m not just talking about eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep.  Although all three of those things are at the top of the list for taking care of our bodies.  What I’m also talking about is honouring our body and appreciating it for what it does for us, how it carries us, holds us, gets us where we want to go.

It’s about listening to our body and acknowledging when it’s hurting and treating it like a sick child by speaking nicely to it and sending love to the pain.   When it’s full we stop eating.  When it’s hungry, we eat.  When it’s tired, we rest.

I don’t know about you, but there are times I don’t do any of those things.  I push through the pain, I beat myself up when I’m not feeling well.  I continue eating even though I’m full.  I keep working even though I’m tired.  How about you?

I invite you to join me today and affirm “I take care of my body and my body takes care of me” and let’s find ways to do just that.

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