One on One’s

Personal One on One Sessions

Is this your time? Are you ready to tap into your inner knowing and explore what’s really important to you?  Are you ready to invest time and money in yourself to open the door to leading that passionate, joyful, soulful life you were put on this earth to lead?  If so personal one on one sessions with Bari were designed for you.

What can you expect?  After completing a pre-session exercise that will help you describe your ideal life, Bari will schedule two 1 hour sessions to take you through the Passion Test, a proven transformative process that will help you gain greater insight into what is most important for you.

During the two, 1 hour one on one sessions Bari will:

•Guide you through a process where you will start to get clear about, and prioritize the things that are most important to you right now.  Bari will guide you, creating a vision of your ideal life when you are living your passions, understanding your purpose and giving meaning to your life.

•Share with you a simple 3 step formula for manifesting the life of your dreams.

•Reveal the secret to that will help you consistently live a life aligned with your passions.

•Guide you through a remarkable process to overcome the three obstacles that most often lead to self sabotage.