Summary Success Principles for after Weekend Retreats!

heart logoFollowing the Loving Your Life retreat, Elke and I realize that after the great weekend we have, life has a tendency to go back to “normal” and the ideas and practices you enjoyed at the retreat become a lost memory.  Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder and encouragement to keep the momentum going and make those practices into daily habits.  So I’ve created success principles to help do exactly that!

So, on to the first success principle.  Commitment.  This first one is a long one, however sets the stage for everything else.  

Have you ever noticed, when you are committed to something you make things monkeyhappen?  Commitment means choosing in favour of your passion, choosing in favour of YOUPenney, you mentioned wanting these emails to come to you every day to read them.  Commitment to yourself would be you printing this email out, put it beside your bed and read it every morning.  When we make a commitment to ourselves (even if it’s just a little one), it builds our confidence.  It shows us we love and care for ourselves enough to follow through.

Commitment to living according to what matters most to you also means taking action.  Here are a few actions you can take to show your commitment to yourself that you want to live a more passionate life:

  1. Do your homework.  For example:
    1. Have you written out your top 5 passions on your passion cards and posted them in the places you’ll see them (fridge, computer, car, work, mirror)?
    2. How about the ‘markers’ for each passion.  Are you reviewing them each day? By reviewing these and really going into your body of what it looks like, feels like, tastes like when you are living that passion full out creates a vibration that expands out and attracts back in what you are sending out
  2. Remember the secret – “Whenever you are faced with a choice, decision, or opportunity to choose in favour of your passion”.  As you go about your day, when you are faced with a decision, ask yourself, is this going to bring me closer or farther away from living my passion?  If it’s closer, then say yes, if farther away, say no.
  3. Apply the formula – Intention, Attention, No Tension.  Be deliberate about this.  When you find yourself in a place of confusion or doubt, ask yourself what your intention is.  As yourself, if this isn’t what I want, then what do I want?  Then ask yourself where you’ve been putting your attention.  What have you been thinking about and what actions have your taken.  Take action.  What is it that you have to do, to create that which you intend?  This is where you use the ‘secret’ (#2).  Then relax.  Act from that place of no tension, and be open to how your passion will come into your life.  Tell yourself to relax, be open to what is happening.
  4. Use Appreciation to bring yourself back to the light – when faced with those obstacles or challenges that attempt to throw you off course, use appreciation to bring you back on course.
    1. Appreciation of nature – go for a walk. Be silent. Notice your surroundings and find the beauty and appreciation around you.
    2. Appreciation of others – if there is someone in your life who is currently causing you stress of any form of discomfort, look for something you can appreciate about them. Sometimes this is difficult.  Take your time and you will find something.
    3. Appreciation of self – every day make it a habit to tell yourself what you appreciate about yourself…your body, your thoughts, your actions.
  5. Implement a Daily Practice – every morning or evening (pick what works for you, just do it daily) read your “My Life is Ideal …and your 5 passions” and look at your markers.  Really go into the feeling of what it would be like living your passions full out.  Envision it, feel it deep down into your soul.  Even if it’s only for 10 mins.  Making this a habit will change your energy and cellular makeup and amazing things will start to show up in your life!

If you do these things, that’s truly living this first success principle…Commitment!

FullSizeRender (2)2nd principle for success.  This one is short and sweet.  SELF LOVE!  The mantra that goes along with this principle is “I LOVE MYSELF”! SELF-LOVE is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.  It is the core of being able to live a life aligned to our passions and choosing in favour of what is most important to us.

Growing up, it’s not unusual to come away with a feeling that we’re being selfish and that it’s wrong to think about ourselves. So this success principle of loving ourselves is meant to help re-program that thought and serve as a reminder to always come back within.

In the craziness of your day, when you’re in a stressful situation, dealing with someone else or not feeling well, ask yourself “how I can show myself more love in the situation?” then by listening and acting on the answer is how we activate success principle #2.

Success principle #3 is Getting Clear and the mantra I invite you to repeat every day, as often as you can, is: “I AM CLEAR!”

When we get off track, gaining CLARITY is the first step in getting us back on track.  If clearwe don’t know what we want then how can we bring it into our life?  When I find myself feeling low and lost, I stop and take the time to ask myself the question “what do I want”.  I listen for the answer, notice the thoughts & beliefs that pop in about what’s possible and then let go of any deadline to make it happen.  I know that when I can let go, it always shows up right when I need it and am ready.

So, what do you do with those beliefs that might be holding you back from even thinking about what you want?  For now, just write them down.  We’ll do something with those later.  Initially, it is actually enough to notice and get them down on paper (move it from the brain, to the spoken word, to in print).  Then, go back to answering the question “what do I want?”  Whether it is situational (in the moment and specific) or in general (overall in life), ask the question “what do I want” and answer.  Write it down.

Remember, you can always use your top 5 passions and markers to help keep you clear.  If they are still relevant and if you haven’t already, keep your passions and markers beside your bed.  Every morning and evening read them.  Really allow yourself to create the vision and feeling in your body as if you were living this ideal life at a 10.  Doing this changes your vibration and will actually attract more of what you want (and that like energy) into your life.

So, getting clear about what you want is success principle #3. If you find you’ve fallen off track, get CLEAR about what you want.  I am in the process of creating a self study program which guides people through each of the 5 areas (Clarity, Focus, Beliefs, Habits, Support).  I want to share with you the simple tool/process I’ll be including for the CLARITY step.  If you decide to use it, I’d love your feedback on what worked, didn’t work etc…(see attached).  Remember, by noticing your thoughts, stopping and asking yourself the question and then inserting a new thought into your sub conscious, you are actually changing your vibration and on your way to manifesting what you desire.

mirrorSo here is success principle #4“It’s all about Me.”  “It’s all about me”, reminds me that I am responsible for my happiness.  That if something isn’t going the way I want it to, or things happen I didn’t want, I have the ability to change it.  Whether it’s changing my thinking/beliefs about what happened, getting clear about what I want or just staying in my own business, I know it’s about me.

As you go about your day, notice when you are focussed on something, or someone outside of your control and remind yourself “it’s all about me.”  By asking yourself what is in your control you may find a different way to think about the situation and find something else you can do about it.

Success principle #5 TRUST.  Trust is the next principle and the suggested dailyTrust mantra is “I BELIEVE”!  TRUST in myself and in the universe.  What I resist persists.  When I find myself fighting against what is happening in my life or how my body is feeling, surrendering to it has a way of releasing the negative energy.  Listening to my intuition and trusting that everything will work out in my best interest gives me hope in times of contraction.  

I invite you to believe that anything is possible.  Believe in yourself, your abilities.  Trust In the universe and that where you are is where I am suppose to be and everything that happens is in my best interest.

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