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Registration for Fall 2012 Group Coaching Program Underway!

Space is limited, reserve your spot now and save 50%!

group coachingAre you feeling like there’s something missing in your life?  Like there’s more but you’re not sure what it is?  Are you eating more than usual, not exercising and not as healthy as you’d like to be?  There is something more and it’s inside of you.  Sometimes we just need help finding the key to open that door to the ‘something more’.  If you are ready for turning up the volume on your life, while turning down the stress, overwhelm and confusion, then don’t wait, sign up now for this program.

Over the course of an 8 week period, your life will change for the better.  You will become more confident, in control, at peace and even joyful.  You will become clearer about what is important in your life and have the ability to make decisions that will end up leading you to joy and fulfillment in your life.  If you are looking to lose weight, discover your passion, form a stronger relationship with someone, it’s all within your reach within 8 weeks and I’ll show you how.

New habits will be formed.  You will connect with like minded individuals and see success and clarity.   Think about your life right now.  The challenges that seem insurmountable.  The feelings of dread and overwhelm that fill your day.  Are you ready to give all that up?  Because this isn’t for everyone.  If you’re not ready or committed, don’t join this program, because giving up all those negative feelings is exactly what will happen.

The ‘believer’ will be awakened in you and the powerful, confident, positive person you used to be will be unleashed!

Need more information to make the decision?  Please feel free to email me at or call <a href=”tel: +1-705-826-2295″>(705) 826-2295</a> to set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation!

Program runs for 8 weeks starting Wednesday October 3rd st 7pm.  First and last sessions will run 1 1/2hrs and all others are one hour.

  1. All sessions are by teleconference and will be recorded and made available for download to participants within 48 hours of the original session. NOTE: calls will be to a US number and long distance charges may apply. SKYPE is a great alternative if you do not have a long distance plan .  Please contact me if this becomes a barrier and I can provide an alternative (
  2. Only 20 spots available for fall program
  3. Mastermind groups developed to support you after the program
  4. Unlimited email support and weekly ‘hotline’ available during the program

Cost – $997 plus HST

Sign up Now for Fall Session and save 50%
.  Price increases Sept 15th to $997!

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