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When I tell people I am a life coach, I experience a mix of responses.  Many people I meet, immediately light up and connect with what I do and want to hear more.  Others aren’t so excited…their eyes glaze over and they’re not sure what to say next because they don’t understand what I do or why people would spend money on something like a life coach.  I hope you’ll spend a few moments and review the information I’ve included here to make an informed decision if Life Coaching is for you.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives. Through weekly, biweekly or monthly coaching sessions, my clients identify what is most important to them and align their thoughts, words and actions accordingly.  As your coach, I work with you to identify what you want personally and professionally and support you in achieving a life that you really want and love.  Read more….

My Approach

As your coach, I will inquire, encourage, advise, challenge, make requests and listen for your truth so that you remain aligned with who you are, your goals, your values and your vision.

My focus is completely on you and what you want in life;  I stand for you first and foremost, not just your goals.

The coaching relationship is designed by us both, and may be refined through ongoing two-way feedback.  Even though I am committed to the journey, you will ultimately be responsible for actions taken (or not taken) in your life throughout the process.  I am here to help you unlock your truest potential and help you get out of your own way to reach your goals.  Read on…

How to Get the Most from Coaching

I want you to benefit greatly from our coaching calls and the time in between.  The following outlines some of the things you can do to maximize the value of your coaching experience. Read on…

Benefits of Working with a Coach

Coaching is proven to work when two factors are present:

1. The client is willing to learn, grow and take action.

2. There is a gap between where he/she is now and where he/she wants to be.

That’s all that is necessary for a successful coaching relationship where you can develop the right strategy, implement a plan of action and achieve your goals.  Anything is possible within our coaching relationship.  With a coach you can read on:

Policies & Procedures

Description to follow

One on One Coaching Packages

One on one coaching rate is $150/hour.  Packages are available with discounts of up to 25%.  Frequency of sessions (i.e. weekly, biweekly, monthly) is optional for all packages. Payment plans are available.  Please contact Bari directly to discuss.  The following packages currently available include read more…

Group Coaching Packages

Group coaching is conducted by teleconference and varies in group size.  Depending on your style, comfort and budget, group coaching might be the right choice for you.  Group coaching sessions are recorded and participants will have access to these recordings for future use.  Benefits of group coaching:

  • ability to hire a personal coach at reduced cost
  • surround yourself with like minded individuals with similar goals and challenges
  • learn from others in similar situations
  • contribute as much as or as little as you desire
  • gain valuable insights, tools and strategies to be more effective in your life and be set up with mastermind partners to facilitate continued learning even after the program is complete
  • recorded sessions allow for ability to listen to the calls you missed as well as, as many times as you’d like to help to embed key messages and further learning

Current group coaching programs available can be found here

Earn a living Coaching

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