MyDharma Services

As a certified life coach and passion test facilitator, the services I offer currently include Coaching, Corporate Speaking Engagements and Workshops.

Life Coaching

If you’re ready to unlock the door to a life filled with clarity, passion and joy, life coaching with Bari provides the key.

Bari offers one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Her sessions are supportive and non-judgmental as Bari helps you tap into that “inner knowing” and explore what’s truly important to you.

Why a Life Coach… If you were on the road and your car hit a pothole, or ended up in a ditch, you’d call for help. Life is a journey, and sometimes you get stuck in that journey. Think of a life coach as the one who helps you out of the ditch and back onto the road towards success.

A life coach believes in you. She believes in your ability to achieve greatness in your life—whatever that means to you.  As your life coach, Bariwill:

  • help you make discoveries about yourself
  • help you gain clarity about where you are today and where you’d like to be
  • encourage and empower you to make positive changes in your life
  • help you set and reach your goals
  • act as an non-biased and non-judgmental sounding board
  • keep you accountable

A life coach helps you move forward in any area of your life…as you work towards that bigger, better version of yourself.  For additional information on what life coaching is read on….

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Corporate Speaking Engagements

Survey the world’s most successful people and you’ll discover that they have one simple quality in common. Their work and life revolve around the things they’re passionate about.

A diverse and entertaining presenter, Bari draws on corporate experience in employee engagement and cultural transformation to help bring the principles of Dharma into corporations and organizations across the country. Attendees walk away with:

•             simple, practical tools for making positive changes both at work and at home

•             improved mental and physical health

•             improved personal confidence and leadership skills

•             a more focused plan for personal development

Contact Bari today to discuss your needs and how Bari can help you succeed by calling (705) 826-2295 or email

Corporate Workshops

Bari offers full and half-day workshops to help individuals discover and live their passions. Organizations that tap into the power of these passions build:

•             an engaged workforce that’s excited to come into work each day

•             strong, productive teams that harness each person’s potential

•             improved morale with staff who experience work/life balance

•             reduced absenteeism and staff turnover

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