Today’s Affirmation – “When I love you, I know I fully love me!”

Do you love those who don’t seem to love you?  Not always, right? What I find is that it’s those people and situations that cause us pain, that help us, get to know us, better.  And it helps uncover the areas we don’t fully love about our self.

I invite you to take a moment and reflect on the people and situations that cause you the most pain.  When you think of the person involved, what is one word that comes up about that person? Now take that word and ask yourself how it applies to you.

When I take myself through this, the word I come up with is CRAZY.  This person is bat &^%* CRAZY!   And, when I can step down off the ledge and breath and bring it back to me, I realize there are definitely times when I am crazy.  Bat &^%* CRAZY.

When I feel like I’m not being understood, or not appreciated or when I feel like someone isn’t listening to me, I feel and act, CRAZY.  And when I do this, I don’t like myself.  I think I should be calm, professional, kind. I pride myself on my communication skills and my ability to be the bridge and translator for different opinions so when I can’t do this, I’m hard on myself.  I don’t accept the crazy in me.

Which is so great to find out!  It opens the door to other situations where I may be acting bat &^%* crazy and if I could show myself some compassion and love, maybe I could use this quality for good, rather than beating myself up for it.  And, when someone else acts this way, I won’t beat them up for it either.

Today, I invite you to join me and affirm “when I love you, I know I fully love me” and as you go about your day, notice the qualities you don’t accept in others, and see if you can embrace them in yourself.

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