Today’s Affirmation – “Every time my buttons are pressed I’m closer to freedom!”

When your buttons are pressed do you feel free?  Probably not.  In my experience, when my buttons are pressed, I get upset, frustrated, angry.

However, thanks to Byron Katie and doing lots and lots of Judge Your Neighbour Worksheets, I discovered how freeing it really is.

I started to realize when someone in my life caused me pain, it wasn’t about them.  It was about me. It was an opportunity to get to know me better.  It was an opportunity to uncover a belief or judgement I was holding against myself.

Today, I invite you to join me in affirming “every time my buttons are pressed, I’m closer to freedom” and play with this.  You may not immediately feel it.  Be gentle and kind to yourself.

Please feel free to email me back and share your experience with these affirmations.  I love hearing from you and how you connect/or don’t connect with them.  I’m also open to questions if you need help understanding how to apply it to a specific situation in your life.

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