Today’s Affirmation – “I Create Space For Opportunities to Happen”

Do you spend day after day chasing something and trying to make things happen?  I’ve found sometimes I need to stop chasing and allow myself to create space for opportunities to happen instead of always trying to ‘make them happen’.

Think of it like when you clean out your closet to make room for cloths that fit.  Or when you tell your small children that they need to give up some toys before anything else can come into the house.  We need to create space.

The same goes for opportunities in our life.  When we are so busy trying to make things happen, there’s no space for anything new.  Sometimes the door we need to build is called ‘trust’.  Trust, slow down and allow opportunities to show up.  Join me in affirming that “I create space for opportunities to happen” and let’s trust that will actually happen.

Have an awesome day!



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