Bari’s Favourite Things

To borrow from Oprah…I’d like to share with you some of my favourite people, places and things.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  Check back often, because it seems I have a lot of favourite things I just can’t help but share with you!  I was watching Oprah’s Life Class the other night and she was talking about joy rising, and how sharing experiences with others just adds to that joy rising.  That’s what this is for me.  When I love something, or someone, I want everyone to be able to experience it as well.

If you have something or someone you think I’d be interested in hearing more about, please let me  know.  Contact me at

Ken McFarland, Owner/Chief Craftsman and Home Inspector at McFarland Contracting and Restoration – Recognize the last name?  Yep, this is my husband and he’s not just my favourite Contractor because he’s my husband, it’s because he’s so awesome with his hands (ok get out of the gutter)!   He works hard to make sure his clients are well taken care of and they are given the support they need to make the right choices.   Ken was raised to always do the right thing, say what you mean and do what you say.  Ken strives to help his clients make the best decision by providing information, guidance and support through every facet of the process.  And he’s got a great ‘wedding smile’ too!  Contact Ken at if you are looking to renovate or have a home you need inspected!

Earths Berries Soap Nuts Life Coach Soap nuts?  What’s a soap nut you ask?  Nope, it’s not a nut!  Soap nuts are an eco friendly laundry detergent.   They’re fruit, taken from the soapberry tree (Sapindus mukorrosi) and in appearance, they’re similar to the lychee nut (alright, I didn’t know what a lychee nut was either), and are used throughout the world as a cleaning agent.  I was blessed to meet Karen Cook-Salcedo,  the owner of Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts in Collingwood, Ontario in 2010 at the Grail Lady Faire where she first introduced me to her cool nuts!  Though it is taking time to change my husband’s and son’s habits with using regular laundry detergent, I’m taking strides to change my habits and join Karen in her quest for leaving Mother Earth in better shape!   Since trying the nuts, I now use them as a fruit and veggie wash, all house cleaning product and dog wash! Check out Karen’s website and try some of her nuts!

Katherine Parent, Registered Nutritionist, Make Good Choices – Katherine is a wonderful woman I met at the networking group, BNI and we connected right away!  Katherine is extremely passionate about her health, her family and her work.  If you are looking to improve your health, understand how your food choices impact every aspect of your wellbeing then Katherine is the one you want to sit down with.  She walks the talk and cares about who you are and how to best support your needs.  Katherine has corporate wellness programs, local workshops and works one on one.  Check out Make Good Choices Facebook page for nutritional tips, recipes and touch base with like minded individuals!

Louise Hay – if you are not familiar with Louise Hay, let me say, she’s someone you want to get to know.  “You Can Heal Your Life”  is one of her many books that I have read and has been such a positive influence on my life.  Check out her website and her  book “You Can Create an Exceptional Life” co-written by Cheryl Richardson, another incredible inspirational women.  Louise is the positive affirmation queen and is living breathing proof of what thinking good thoughts can create!

Moksha Yoga Studio in Barrie – when I first tried ‘hot yoga’ (moksha style) earlier this year, I was hooked!  I love, love, love it and love this studio.  The director and teacher Rosanna Trapani who opened the studio early 2011 has a created a incredible and tranquil studio for you to come and sweat away all your worries and cares!  There’s an awesome deal for first time members that you’ll have to check out.  Teachers are all awesome, facilities are clean, oh, and they have some cool cloths and other products you won’t be able to resist!!

The Grail Springs, Bancroft – June 2010 was my first of many trips to the Grail over the last couple of years.  It was there that I met Janet Bray Attwood (co-author of the Passion Test) when I attended the Grail Lady Faire (annual women’s conference you don’t want to miss!).  Words can’t convey the experience people have just walking on the Grail Springs property.  Madeleine Marentette  is the creator and founder of this magical place and has created an incredible retreat for the mind, body and soul.    At the Grails Springs Spa and Wellness retreat they believe in treating the whole self and share with their guest the 7 essential elements to living a healthy lifestyle and how an alkaline diet can support your journey.  Check out the website to see the incredible speakers and special events they have going on througout the year!

Teddy Bear Bed and Breakfast – heading to Bancroft Ontario and no where to stay?  Check out the Teddy Bear B&B and feel like you are going home!  Liz and Diane are incredible hosts and now life long friends.  Not only is this quaint little B&B on a lake with it’s very own labrynith, it’s clean, they serve a full beautiful breakfast and have comfortable beds and pillows!  What more could you ask for?  Oh, let me tell you…how about great guests??  Every time I’ve stayed at Teddy Bear I’ve met the most incredible people who have now become friends!

Debbie Danbrook – a real life pixie/fairy (ok I think so!).  Debbie is an incredibly talented beautiful soul you just have to meet and hear!  Debbie is a master of the Shakuhachi, an acient Japanese bamboo flute.  Debbie is the first professional female player to specialize in this unique healing abilities of this sacred instrument and performs around the world.  I was lucky and fortunate to first meet Debbie at the Grail Springs last winter.  We are now great friends, and I am proud to say, the only person she allows to ‘poke’ on facebook! LOL

Pam Gerrand – Angel.  That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Pam.  Pam has the voice of an angel and when you hear her sing Amazing Grace, it will bring you to tears.  I cried at her rendition of Oh Canada at the 2011 Grail Lady Faire!  Pam is a sparkling, light soul with a huge open heart that comes out through her music.  An incredible singer, song writer and sound healer, Pam is someone you need to meet and hear.  If you have an opportunity to see Pam, you won’t be sorry.  You will be transformed not only by her angel voice, but her soulful presence!  Love you Pam!

Interwoven Souls (Tony Corvus) – feeling stuck, and in a different way than normal?  Like you can’t figure out what it is and need some outside help, to tap into the inside you, where you know the answer really lies and you just haven’t been able to get there (through using the Passion Test and my services…either ha ha!).  Seriously though, you need to stop in to see Tony.  Tony is a beautiful soul who will gently guide you through the right method for you to discover what’s holding you back. I did a couple sessions of hypnosis (which were INCREDIBLY powerful..if you ever want to hear about them, call me), but Tony also offers other methods for tapping into what’s going on.  Tony has been trained professionally in many different things, way too many for me to list, so definitely check out his website, and him personally to understand what’s available and around the corner should you need it!  Contact Tony at today!

Lesley Mead Homeopathy – have you ever tried homeopathy?  Well, I hadn’t until late last 2010.  I met Lesley in mid 2010 at a Change Management conference and learned she was doing homeopathy.  I started to see Lesley late 2010 for my allergies. I have had allergies for years (environmental, pet, food etc..).  Homeopathy, and Leslie, doesn’t just treat the symptons, they treat the whole you.  I spent a few hours with Lesley answering all kinds of questions ranging from my childhood experiences, to whether or not I like close fitting or loose fitting cloths.  I’ve had amazing results with the ‘remedy’ and with Lesley.  Lesley is  a caring, soulful, intuitive healer who knows her stuff and is a blessing in my life.   Check out Lesley’s site for more information or send her an email at