Today’s affirmation – “I love reality and reality loves me!”

I love Byron Katie’s Quote; “When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time”.  I love it!

Notice when you argue with reality today.  Reality is what is.  Reality is what happens to us.  And arguing with what is, sounds like ‘this shouldn’t have happened’ or hearing yourself say someone shouldn’t have done or said this or that.
I remember one morning suggesting to my husband that we could toboggan on the weekend when the nieces and nephews come for a visit.  And he proceeds to tell me the red toboggan is broken.  What?  My sister just bought that for us and I’ve been (yes…giggle giggle) the only one to use it so far.  How can it be broken?
Well, it turns out he used it to move the snowmobile that wouldn’t start, as well as to move wood all winter.  I have to laugh now when I write this.  At the time, I was mad.  He “shouldn’t have used the toboggan to move the snowmobile. He shouldn’t have used it to move wood”.  Well he did.  That is reality.  And as he said, “we definitely got our monies worth” because it really helped him this winter.  Argue with reality, and we lose, every time.  Sorry honey…I love you!
Notice how many times during the day you think or say that something shouldn’t have happened.  That’s arguing with reality.  I invite you to affirm with me “I love reality and reality loves me” and slowly see how more peaceful and calm your life comes to be when you do just that.

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