Q&A Call for Year of Awakening Program!

2017-01-04 12:00 - 2017-01-04 13:00


What do you want yYearOfAwakening-Logo-Colour-highresour 2017 to look like and feel like? Know how to do that? Get your burning questions answered and find out why the Year of Awakening Program might be just what you are looking for!

Q&A call Wednesday January 4th at noon with Kris (channeled by Serge Grandbois) and Bari ! Here are some questions people have so far that will be answered (either live or if there’s not enough time, through a separate recorded message):

1. who is Kris? A spirit guide? Someone who has died? And why should we trust that Kris is the real thing and Serge is not making this up?
2. Finding our true self is pretty challenging….and finding a sense of peace with all of the other things in life that come along to challenge that every day….is there a method you suggest to deal with life’s stresses that come along and drag us down.
3. I know this stuff (i.e I’m more than my body, I create my reality, we are made of energy, I attract that which I put my attention on) so why does it still feel hard sometimes? Why is it difficult to stay on track?
4. I sometimes feel if I open up to ‘spirit’ or ‘non physical beings’ such as yourself I will open myself up to negative energies. How do we protect ourselves from the evil energy out there?
5. What is the reason that this is happening at this point in time….is there a specific need for Kris to get this message out to us at this point in history? 6. Are we screwing up this world right now?
7. How does this tie in with people who believe in religion and have faith in another higher power?
8. How can the Year of Awakening Program help?
9. who is Bari and what does she bring to the table as a coach?