Today’s Affirmation – “I think…I inquire…I decide…”

The Byron Katie quote I’d like to introduce you to today is:  “If you put your hand into a fire, does anyone have to tell you to move it?  Do you have to decide?  No: When your hand starts to burn, it moves.  You don’t have to direct it; the hand moves itself. In the same way, once you understand, through inquiry,  that an untrue thought causes suffering,  you move away from it.”

This brings up the word ‘habit’ for me. A habit is something we do without thinking.  When it comes to thinking negatively, we do this automatically.  We don’t have to tell ourselves to get mad or frustrated when something doesn’t work out like we wanted, or someone says something we ‘perceive’ as mean to us.  It just happens.  It’s automatic.

I invite you to take a moment and start creating that new habit of inquiry. When something happens,  affirm “I think (a thought comes in your head)…I inquire (I inquire if that thought is a story that makes me feel good or bad) … I decide (I then decide if I want to believe that thought or create a better feeling story).

Have a ‘thoughtful’ day!

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