Today’s Affirmation – “Everything in my life works out just as it should”

Do you constantly worry about what could go wrong?  Sometimes we just need to take a moment and just know that everything is as it should be and will work out. I invite you to join me in affirming "everything in my life works out just as it should" and really feel that in your body, knowing it's true.  Notice if your worry falls away.  If it doesn't and just makes you more stressed because Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I respect myself enough to walk away”

Is there something going on in your life today that you should walk away from?  I invite you to respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that doesn't serve you. If you're like me, you may have found yourself staying in a situation and/or relationship because we feel an obligation or that dirty word 'should'.  If you've learned what you need to learn, stop 'shoulding' all over yourself Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I Give Myself Permission to Be Powerful Beyond Measure!”

Do you give yourself permission to be powerful? Powerful enough to step fully into who you are and what you want to be. Powerful enough to make decisions aligned to your passions.  Powerful enough to treat yourself with love and listen to your intuition. I invite you to join me today in affirming "I give myself permission to be powerful beyond measure".  Let's give ourselves permission to Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I cleanse my mind as well as my body”

Have you ever done a cleanse?  When I start feeling lethargic and 'thick', that's when I really know it's time for a cleanse.  Usually, it's related to my body though.   Why not cleanse our mind too?  Here are some of my thoughts on how to do that:                                                                             Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I am living an extraordinary life!”

Do you live an extraordinary life?  What would that look like to you?  What I've found is that extraordinary doesn't have to mean some crazy, 'out of the ordinary' kind of life.  It could mean exactly as it is says "extra ordinary", meaning a life full of the regular day to day happenings.   What makes it extraordinary is that we enjoy those regular day to day happenings.  We live in the moment Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I am grateful for everything that comes into my life”

What are you grateful for? I'm a big believer in what you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.  And I find, when I take the time each day to think about all the things I'm grateful for, so much more shows up!   Today, will you join me in affirming "I am grateful for everything that comes into my life" and let's start putting our attention on the blessings in our life.   Today's affirmation is Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I add value to conversations and understand my impact on others”

Do you ever catch yourself talking for the sake of talking?  Been there...done that.   Do you think before you speak and really understand the impact of your message on others? A friend shared some great advice once (well actually way more than once).  This particular time, it was by asking me the question.. are you looking to teach and control or connect and share?  Hmmm, good one.  Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I only think back to create a better future”

When you think about your past, are your memories happy? I remember a time when someone would ask me about my childhood and the only memories I could remember (or so I thought) were ones that caused me pain. When I finally noticed what I was doing, I decided to take some time to locate the happy ones.  And I found them.  I also looked at the ones that I'd share and realized those were Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I know what I love and love what I do”

Are you the architect of your dreams?  Do you believe that you have the power to create what you want in your life?  I invite you to contemplate what your life would be like if you believed you could.  Sit with that a moment. Really think about what your life would be like if you could decide what you loved, give yourself permission do what you love and then when something happened you didn't Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I am open and free and listen intently!”

How are your listening skills?  Do you only hear what you want to hear and when you don't, you shut down?  I've learned that when I hear myself say "You're not listening to me!", I know it's me who's not doing the listening. I invite you to join me in affirming "I am open and free and listen intently" and let's do exactly that.  Especially when we hear ourselves say that someone else isn't listening.  Read more [...]