Today’s Affirmation – “I only think back to create a better future”

When you think about your past, are your memories happy? I remember a time when someone would ask me about my childhood and the only memories I could remember (or so I thought) were ones that caused me pain. When I finally noticed what I was doing, I decided to take some time to locate the happy ones.  And I found them.  I also looked at the ones that I'd share and realized those were Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I know what I love and love what I do”

Are you the architect of your dreams?  Do you believe that you have the power to create what you want in your life?  I invite you to contemplate what your life would be like if you believed you could.  Sit with that a moment. Really think about what your life would be like if you could decide what you loved, give yourself permission do what you love and then when something happened you didn't Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I am open and free and listen intently!”

How are your listening skills?  Do you only hear what you want to hear and when you don't, you shut down?  I've learned that when I hear myself say "You're not listening to me!", I know it's me who's not doing the listening. I invite you to join me in affirming "I am open and free and listen intently" and let's do exactly that.  Especially when we hear ourselves say that someone else isn't listening.  Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I share what I think and am open to other’s thoughts”

Are you afraid to speak up for fear of being wrong or fear of what someone thinks of you? I remember a time when I'd be in a meeting and have something to say, but couldn't because my heart was beating out of my chest.  I was so nervous. When I finally got up the courage to speak, there were many times people would thank me because I was saying what they were thinking. Today, I invite you Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I give myself permission to rest before my body tells me to”

Do you give yourself permission to rest or do you wait until your body shuts down before you do?  What our mind won’t let us do, our body has a way of ensuring we listen. Today, I invite you to take some time to contemplate how much rest you're getting.   Notice...has your body been breaking down and you've getting sick?   It's trying to tell you something.  Listen. Let's affirm  "I give Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “When I’m contracted it helps me see clearly”

Do you beat yourself up when you're already down, sick, sad, angry...contracted? Growing up, I believed feeling angry, sad, frustrated (contracted) etc...was bad and feeling happy, excited, joyful (expanded) was good.  If I was feeling 'bad' then I needed to feel 'good' as soon as I could.  Think positive.  Be happy. I eventually learned that no matter what I was feeling, it wasn't good or Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I am Successful…Been There, Done That, Doing it Again”

I am successful.  Say it out loud.  I am successful.  Does that feel good, or do you experience a twinge, like it's not quite right? For those of you who it felt good, really feel that.  Let your mind take you to all of your memories of success.  Really feel them and enjoy it. For those of you where there was a twinge (or more) that didn't feel good, in my experience it comes from a place Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I give myself permission to THINK about and FEEL, what I want”

Do you believe you create your future?  If you do, then you may also know the best way to do this is not only thinking about what you want, but feeling it as well. It's the feeling part that creates the vibration out and attracts that which is like itself.   This is why affirmations sometimes don't work. So what do you do when this happens?  Let's look at an example around money since Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I am creative and ideas flow easily”

Do you sometimes feel stuck, your mind is blank and you’re at a loss for a new idea to move you forward? When I’m feeling this way, I’ve found it’s important for me to stop and do something else for a while. Sometimes I don’t always remember this though and find myself getting frustrated when ideas aren’t flowing.  Eventually I finally say, OK Bari stop…go do something else and come Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I discover the best in all situations”

Life isn't always perfect and things don't always turn out how we would like or expect.  We know that.  I invite you to take a moment and think about your 'go to' feeling or thought pattern when that happens. Do you look for the best in the situation when things don't work out or do you feel like you've failed in some way?  When we can start to notice that's what we do, we can stop and change Read more [...]