Today’s Affirmation – “I Look Forward to What is to Come in My Life!”

Do you look forward, or look back?  When you're deep in thought or in conversations with others, do you find yourself thinking/talking about the past, the present or the future?  I encourage you to start noticing that. When we spend our time thinking about the past, we get stuck there, especially if the past doesn’t hold very good memories.  When the memories are good but we find our self Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I Know. I Question. I Grow”

Sometimes when we think we know something, we don't question because we already know right?  Well, it's exactly at those times when we should still question. When we hold tightly to how something should be, to what we 'know', it can be a signal letting us know it's our greatest time for growth. I invite you to contemplate a situation in your life right now where you are having a difficult Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “My Capacity for Love Out Ways my Need for Competition”

Do you look for ways to cooperate with those you love, or find yourself in competition?  Sometimes, competition can be a positive experience.  It can make us want to be better, challenge ourselves, strive for something. And sometimes it can be stressful, full of pressure, pressure we put on ourselves. Today, I invite you to join me in affirming "my capacity for love out ways my need for competition" Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I Am Aware of the Energy I Radiate and Know How to Vibrate at Higher Levels”

Are you aware of the energy you radiate?  Maybe you aren’t even aware that you radiate energy.  We all do.  And what comes into our life is dependent on the energy we are radiating.  Let me explain. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, there’s sometimes a misconception that what you ‘think’ about is what you attract.  That’s only part of it.  And this is also when positive affirmations Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I am Not alone. Support is always there When I Want it”

Do you sometimes feel you are all alone at work?  You have to do everything yourself.  Whether you own your own business, or work for someone else, I invite you today to find those situations where you feel alone and see where/if you can use this affirmation. Sometimes we have a tendency to do everything ourselves.  Whether it’s because we don’t think anyone else can do it, or we’re protective Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I Tap into the Feeling of Love Anytime I want it”

Can you access that deep feeling of love anytime you want?  Ever tried?  It’s easy when you are feeling good, but how about when you’re not? Here’s one strategy I use, especially when I need it on those days of contraction: Close your eyes - I always find closing my eyes helps to tap into my feelings Breath – breath slowly and deep … breathing in through your nose and out through Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “When I’m in Love I See it In My Actions”

When you’re in love, how do you act?  What are ways you show those around you that you love them?  Maybe you hug them, kiss them, speak kindly to them, support them if they need help, be there if they just need a shoulder to cry on without judging them or getting mad at them.  What else? Now think about yourself.  What are the ways you show yourself love on a daily basis and in times when Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I Am Always Free to Be Me!”

Do you always feel its ok to be yourself?  Or are there times when you're around certain people you feel the need to be someone/something different? There was a time when I only showed my happy side to certain people.  And when I think of it, sometimes I’d only show that side to myself as well.  I wouldn’t acknowledge or embrace the ‘negative’ emotions; anger, sadness, frustration etc…  Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “Being My Own Best Friend I Can Do Anything”

Happy Valentine’s Day!  What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?  Does it bring up feelings of love, joy and passion or of sadness, irritation and anger?  This day can bring up mixed feelings depending on where you are at in your relationships. Well today, let's start thinking of Valentine’s Day differently and make it a day about loving yourself.  When you read the quote attached, read Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “Simplicity is the Key. I Feel My Way and Follow what Feels Good.”

Sounds simple and yet, not so simple.  Our head seems to get in the way of what feels good and gives us all the reasons why we can't have what we want. Today's affirmation relates to a blog post I wrote December 2016 about the contraction I was going through at the time and my contemplation of getting a job. I realized when I left my government job it wasn't because I wanted and was passionate Read more [...]