Today’s Affirmation – “Everything I Need To Be is Inside Of Me”

Do you believe that everything you need is inside of you?  If you need to be strong, can you find it?  If you’re not feeling beautiful, can you find your beauty?  If you are scared, can you find the super hero in yourself? I believe that everything we need is inside us, all we have to do is find it.  Sometimes some things are just harder to find than others.  They’ve been buried over time, Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I am unique. I love myself and embrace my uniqueness!”

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought another spin on loving ourselves was just what was needed! Do you love yourself for your uniqueness? Or do you try to fit in and hide what makes you different?  We are all unique and have a unique contribution to this world.  What makes you unique? Today, I invite you to join me and affirm "I am unique.  I love myself and embrace my uniqueness!"  Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “When I Let My Light Shine it Gives Permission for Those Around Me to Shine Too!”

‘This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine’.  Remember that song?  Do you let your light shine?  Did you know that when you let your light shine, it gives permission for those around you to shine as well? There’s a famous Marianne Williamson quote that talks about this, that I’d love to share to help demonstrate today’s affirmation. “Our Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “My Life is Made to be Lived”

Are you living your life full out?  Are you excited to start your day and create plans to look forward to?  Or do you find yourself saying "I’ll be happy when … I find the perfect soulmate, I get a better job, I move to a nicer home, I have a baby, I get out of debt, I lose 10 lbs, I’m disease free"?? Today, I invite you to join me in affirming "my life is made to be lived" and let's start Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “When I Take Care of My Mind, My Mind Takes Care of My Body”

Do you spend time taking care of your mind or just your body ?  Ever stop to consider that?  What does it mean to you to take care of your mind? We spend a lot of time thinking about what we should put into our bodies through what we eat and drink, and how we treat our bodies with exercise, drugs and alcohol.  How much time do you spend thinking about what you feed your mind and what you allow Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “When I Let Go, I Let In”

Ever notice that?  When you can really let go, release the need to control, things work out.  Solutions just seem to have a way of showing up. We’re human and we have this powerful brain that we only use about 5% of.  There's often a belief that we’re suppose to use it in a specific ‘intellectual way’ to make things happen.   And it doesn’t mean that we stop doing that, but what if Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I love and love comes back”

Ever notice that?  When you love, love comes back.  When you hate, hate has a way of coming back.  What you put out…comes back.  What are you sending out into the world consciously and even subconsciously? Today, I invite you to send love out and affirm that “I love and loves comes back”.  Notice what that looks like and feels like to you.  It may be a smile for a stranger.  Putting Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I Feel Powerful When I Make Decisions and Own Them!”

How do you feel after you make a decision?  Do you ever find yourself beating yourself up or regretting the decisions you’ve made?  Big decisions (leaving your job) or small decisions (having extra cookies after dinner) can have the same effect on our bodies if we find ourselves regretting the decisions we make. That kind of stress produces cortisol and when produced in excessive quantities Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I make an effort to mend relationships from my past”

Do you have relationships that need mending?  How do you know when they need mending?  How I know is when I think of them and I feel bad that I’m not with them or talking to them. Sometimes we walk away from troubled relationships because it’s easier than staying and working it out.  I’m not saying we always need to stay, but what I am saying is that it takes effort and opening up to ourselves.  Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “Loving myself means staying in my business”

Have you ever found yourself saying “if I were in their shoes, this is how I’d feel or this is what I’d do” and then get upset because they don’t react the way you expected?  We think we know how we’d react if we were in the exact situation, but that’s the point, it’s the way we’d react, not the way they'd react. The way we love others and love ourselves, is to let them have their Read more [...]