Today’s Affirmation – “I find opportunity in everything that comes my way”

Some questions to ponder today: Do you look for opportunities in situations that show up in your life? Is 'failure' a dirty word in your house (or just in your head)? When you try something and it doesn't work out, do you beat yourself up or congratulate yourself for trying in the first place? Today,  I invite you to join me in affirming “I find opportunity in everything that comes Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I break through fear and build my confidence along the way”

Do you know how to break through fear and build confidence?  One step at a time. Here's an interesting way to look at it.  On a piece of paper draw a circle about as big as a dime.  Then, around that circle draw another one about as big as a quarter. If you were to rate your life today between 0-10, 0 being not enjoyable at all, to a 10 being the best, most passionate, fulfilling life you Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I Care for My Body and My Body Cares for Me”

What are some of the ways you take care of your body? I've noticed it can take on different forms throughout our life. I'm in a weird place right now when it comes to this.  I used to be so diligent with my eating and exercise.  And I truly did enjoy exercise.  Then something happened.  Breast cancer. For some people, getting something like cancer can entice you into taking better care of Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “It’s safe to be my true authentic self”

What does it mean to you to be your true authentic self?  What song do you have in your heart dying to get out? Take a moment today and contemplate if there are situations or people in your life where you feel you can’t be your true authentic self.  Ask yourself why not.  And why is it that you can be yourself with some people and not with others? I invite you to affirm today that “it’s Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I let go of the need to be right and embrace my vulnerability”

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt no one was listening to you? Everyone you met, just didn't understand what you were saying and you wished they'd just listen. When that happens to me, I've found it's either my need to be right or I haven't been listening to myself. Here's an example. A few years ago my husband decided he was going to go back into his construction business and Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I Create a New Path When Faced with a Challenge”

What do you do when things don't work out as you'd hoped?  I know for me, I get disappointed.  And then, when I'm ready to move out of 'pity city' I use that disappointment to help me create a new route to where I want to be. For today, I invite you to affirm with me “I create a new path when faced with a challenge” and let's use those challenges as stepping stones to create a new path Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I Was Born to Live My Light!”

What does living your light mean to you?  To me, living my light means living my purpose and being my true authentic self.  We can get caught up in all the craziness of our day to day lives and forget (or not even know) what that purpose is. I like to think of it like this.  Everyone is born with a light that represents their true authentic self and their gifts. Your gifts are what you are Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “Life is an echo and I choose to love everything that comes back!”

I guess the first question is, do you believe 'What you send out, comes back, what you sow you reap, what you give you get...' etc...?  This is what the law of attraction is all about. Assuming you do, how do you feel about the "what you see in others exists in you" part of the Zig Ziglar quote attached? And where I want to go with today's affirmation is to invite you to actually enjoy Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “I have faith … faith in me”

What and/or who do you have faith in?  Do you find solace in the faith you have in something or someone outside of yourself?  What about in yourself? I invite you to explore the faith you have in yourself and how it supports the life you want to create. When I don’t trust myself or listen to my intuition/inner voice, I’ve found that’s when stress and challenges show up.  When I have Read more [...]

Today’s Affirmation – “My opinion matters and I make sure it’s kind”

Today I invite you to reflect on the Bryon Katie quote “The only way I can be angry at you is when I have thought, said, or done something that is unkind in my own opinion.” This is one of those quotes for me I had to read and re-read.  Looking at how and where it shows up in my life I started to notice when someone made me angry and I'd ask myself if the story I was telling myself was, Read more [...]